It’s Time For Fall Clean Up!

Fall LeavesThe trees in the Blackmud Creek Ravine bordering Cavanagh are beautifully dressed in their fall colours which means fall yard cleanup season has arrived! Here are some quick tips for getting your yard ready for winter:

  1. You likely planted your lawn this year in Cavanagh so be sure to apply fall fertilizer. The fertilizer will help your lawn endure winter snows by strengthening the roots.
  2. Once the blooms have faded in your flower planters, pull out the plants and place the planters in your garage or shed, ready for the spring.
  3. Give your newly planted shrubs, perennials, and trees a good dose of water right before freeze-up, this will help them get a good head start in the spring.
  4. Sweep and wash your deck, driveway, and any dirty spots on the siding of your home.


Cavanagh is Located For Living…if you need any supplies for your fall cleanup, there are many shops and services within 5 – 10 minutes of home. Ellerslie Gift & Garden, Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Rona to name a few!


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