Boulevard Maintenance

Did you know that as a homeowner/resident you are responsible for the care and maintenance of the boulevard in front of your home?  This requirement is established and enforced via a City of Edmonton Bylaw (click here to view the bylaw).  If your home is located on a corner lot you are also responsible for the boulevard that flanks your property.

There are two types of boulevards in Cavanagh:

  • A separate walk boulevard, which is a boulevard that has a grass area between the city sidewalk and the curb/road.
  • A mono walk boulevard, which is a boulevard where the sidewalk is connected to the curb.

Regardless of the type of sidewalk and boulevard that is front of your home, you are still required to maintain the boulevard (and keep the sidewalk clear of debris, mud, ice, and snow). Maintenance includes: ensuring you have well-established grass, mowing, weeding, and watering.


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