The Friends & Family Promotion Is Back!

The Cavanagh Friends & Family Referral Promotion is back this fall, so without further ado…

Do you own a home in Cavanagh?  Do you have a friend or family member who owns a home in Cavanagh?
If the answer is YES then you can participate in our $5,000 Cavanagh Friends & Family Referral Promotion in just 3 easy steps…

Number 1 – Refer a friend or family member to purchase a new home in Cavanagh from any of our Cavanagh Builders.
Number 2 – At possession, we write you a cheque for $2,500 and we write your purchasing friend or family member a cheque for $2,500!
Number 3 – Enjoy spending your money on whatever you’d like… something for your new home, a trip, your mortgage, new shoes, or ….

Visit the Showhomes to learn more!*

P.S. This offer can be combined with the Builders referral programs.
Experience life in Cavanagh. A Community…Located for Living!

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*  Conditions apply, ask a Cavanagh Sales Representative for details.


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